On 21-23 August, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (branch in Denmark) organized a 3-day economic mission for SiDLY. During the mission, SiDLY met with representatives of the largest care and telemedicine companies in Denmark.


The goal of the economic mission was to establish new business contacts that would allow the SiDLY telecare system to be implemented in Denmark. Organization of meetings and their substantive value was at such a high level that it has already resulted in concrete projections cooperation with individual companies. Danish market is a very attractive market for telecare solutions. A very high amount of private and government investments in solutions for seniors makes the SiDLY telecare system has enormous implementation possibilities.

During the second day of the mission, SiDLY participated in the qualifications for Odense Investor Summit 2018. The presentation of Michael Pizon - co-founder of SiDLY has been successfully completed and SiDLY has been selected as one of the 25 startups, so it will take part in the "StartUp Competition" in Odense.

Mr. Łukasz Szymaszek - director of PAIH (branch in Denmark) personally engaged in the mission. We give heartfelt thanks for his huge commitment, effectiveness, and organizing meetings at a high level. SiDLY company was represented by Michał Pizon.